So many Series to watch, so very little time.

Yes, it’s time for me to share what the heck am I doing in the past few months of inactivity in the net (I’m still in my art block phase so my DA profile doesn’t really have new deviation, even though I’ve said that I would make something this year, lol)! Like my previous post, I have been busy downloading series that I have queued in my “to download” lists. First off are in my Non-Anime TV Series-

– The Big Bang Theory (Season 7)
-It turns out that season 7 is already in episode 20-21 so I’ve hunched that it’s time to download this one. I really am excited as to what happened to Raj, because in the last episode of season 6, he was traumatized of a girl leaving him and not strong enough to beat her anxiety issues, which in turn, cured of HIS anxiety issue (in the last part of the episode).

– Fringe (up to season 5)
-Technically, I didn’t really download this one. A friend came over to my house and he copied some of my anime series that I have saved in my 1T external hard drives. After he’s done, I browsed his drive as well. I also copied some movies (After Earth), Anime, and a TV series called Fringe. Another great Non-Anime TV show that I can watch/ am hoping to have and watch someday!

And these anime series are also copied from a friend, I have not technically downloaded them myself.

– A-Channel

– AKB0048

– GJ-bu

– Hyouka

– Kanokon

– Minami-ke Okaeri

– Minami-ke Okawari

– Minami-ke Tadaima

– Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shurabasugiru

– Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

– Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

– Walkure Romanze

– Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

– Yuru Yuri Seasons 1 and 2

And this one anime I really have downloaded recently:

– Hyperdimension Neptunia – The Animation

The next ones in my queue in the list are:

– golden time

– z/x ignition

– silver spoon

– no-rin

– nagi no asakura

– witch craft works

– inari kon kon

– hamatora

– buddy complex

– chuunibyo heart throb

– hyouge mono

– deadman wonderland uncensored

– Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari

– seikon no quaser

– to love ru darkness

In games, I only have new ones in my Vita. My PC doesn’t have any new games at all. But one game is close though, PSO2 SEA is coming soon and is launching 27th of this month! (if you’ve participated in the CBT phase, if not then you’ll be playing the game in the 29th or so)

These are my new games that I am currently playing in my vita:

– Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd

– Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation


I may have to add a new type of news regarding myself in here, and that would be the current music I’m playing in my Itunes!

Recently, I have downloaded songs from artists like:

– Operator (The only One)

– Recently new Anime OSTs from Naruto Shippuuden, Jormungand, Shakugan no Shana, World Conquest Zvezda Plot, Strike The Blood, Symphogear, Magical Warfare, Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil, SYD season 2, Magi Season 2, Ergo Proxy, D-Fragments!, Tonari no Seki kun, and SoniAni – Super Sonico The Animation.

-In the vocaloid category, The most recent ones I have downloaded are the ones that are found in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd. And other than that, some albums that are released before 2014 , like Melancholia by Ginsuke(Rin), a few recent 2014 release in niconico that I found, and some others that are old ones but still great vocaloid music, like Tokyo Teddybear, Blackjack, Hypocrisy Righteousness, 3D rock, etc.

-Oh yeah, I have also downloaded a remixed version of FFIX’s boss battle theme 2 and darkness of eternity from someone in Youtube who calls him/herself as Kunningfox. And yes, I have also downloaded FFIX’s official OST tracks, all of them.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now! It’s still very early around my place, so I may have to go to bed and sleep again. lol

Advertisements is down, and not much else to do but wait or… Do stuff… is one of the only websites I frequently visit for downloading anything related to Anime, Doujins, Live Action Raws/Subs, Bluray Stuff, etc etc… But yeah, it’s not like I’m restricted to that site though. I still have others, but when it comes to somewhat reliable seeds and bluray content + “other things“, if you know what I mean lol, definitely is the one site to go to (well, if you guys are also a torrent user like me). I don’t really play much games these days too, since most of the ones I wanna play are either in consoles coming in this month, or Online PC games that are also either subscribe-to-play, is getting boring, or hasn’t been released yet. So I have just been watching TV series, Documentaries, Movies and Anime in these past few months for 2014.

Right now, I’m also thinking of Re-editing my “Anime that I have watched” page because it really is getting a bit longer to load because of all those images i’ve linked into that page lol. I may have to make it into an album-type-ish design, sorted from each album by update release, and the latest starting from above and oldest into the bottom (this is one hell of an edit, so it might take a while).

Also, that soundcloud HTML widget seems to not have any volume control… I might have to upload a music that has lowered volume limited to 60%… So I might change that afterwards.

I have also thought of getting my bamboo tablet out of my lower desk drawer to wipe out all the dust it collected after so long and using it so… Yeah, I also promised that I will draw something on DA but… You know, laziness really has gotten the best of me in terms of drawing stuff lol. Either way, I’ll draw when I get some very VERY strong ideas, ones that would really motivate me to draw!

So, yeah. If you’re curious on things that I have watched recently then here’s a list of most of the ones I have watched:

– CSI seasons 1-12 (I didn’t have seasons 4,7 and 11 I think. We have a bunch of DVDs of them, sorted and aligned upright in the shelves.)

-We also have the NY version on DVD. Personally, I like NY than the original CSI series

-The Big Bang Theory seasons 1-6 (funny, but I really don’t like it when they mention anime jokes and stuff)

-BBC Documentaries on Insects (Not specific, but I have downloaded that BBC 3-episode one, the dissection special and the one narrated by David Attenborough, Life episode 06).

-Kamen Rider Blade (What? I’m a Kamen Rider blade fan. One of the few live action shows that I liked during my childhood days.)

-I’m currently downloading this one, I’m still at episode 7 due to slow file uploads by the uploader (really, it’s a pain to download shows as old as these nowadays. Really can’t find one that has seeds and good subbing/encoding).

-Unbreakable Machine Doll (I honestly expected better from this anime, but I only watched it to see that dragon, nothing else, really).

-Arpeggio of Blue Steel (It was so-so. The characters are very memorable, but personally, It needs more episodes, I feel being constrained on it by only having 12 episodes. I don’t know why but that’s how I feel about this show).

-Pupa (Really, 3-5 minute anime really is trending nowadays, and I personally don’t like it. The show’s story itself is very interesting, it only got poor when it was just a 4 minute anime per episode, and crappy animation).

-Coppelion (Interesting animation, but I didn’t like the story much.)

-Ergo Proxy (an old anime I liked way back when, I’ve re-downloaded into the bluray version a few weeks ago).

-Texhnolyze (same as Ergo Proxy, although Bluray doesn’t really improved much in terms of animation, I just downloaded it on Bluray version because of the dual-audio, english dubs, subs and japanese dubs).

-Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (Just like Unbreakable Machine doll, I only watched it just to see the dragon here, but personally, this show’s story is better than Unbreakable).

-Rurouni Kenshin (Hey, it’s a classic, I really should’ve downloaded this sooner but Bleach and The Naruto Series are first in the line so…)

-The law of Ueki (One of the anime shows I have gotten interested in way back when).

-Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (Animation was so-so, not so good and not so bad, the story is somewhat meh, but still watchable. Too much boobies in my opinion though, so yeah… Typical for a perverted protagonist.)



-Shakugan no Shana seasons 1-3 (STILL HAVE YET TO FINISH DOWNLOAD) (season 1 is pretty frustrating to download since it has practically no seeders, I still have yet to search for a good encoded version WITH healthy seeds out in the net orz)

-Magi Season 2 (STILL HAVE YET TO FINISH DOWNLOAD) (currently subbed in episode 20, 5 more episodes to go)


-Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil (STILL HAVE YET TO FINISH DOWNLOAD)
















In games, These are what I am currently playing:

-World Of Tanks SEA (PC/MMOG)

-Phantasy Star Online 2 (PC/ MMORPG)

-Aura Kingdom (PC/ MMORPG)

-DJMAX RAY (Android/Apple)

-Clear Vision 3 (Android(?)/Apple)

-Mega Jump (Android(?)/Apple)


-Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f (PSVITA)

-Soul Sacrifice (the first one) (PSVITA)

-Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (PSVITA)


-TORO’s friendly network (PSVITA)

-Skyrim (PC/RPG)

-Warzone 2100 (PC/3D RTS) (whoah, it’s an old game, but it’s somewhat enjoyable to a point, but not really interesting enough to play in a very long time).

After saying all that, I know for sure that this month is going to be exciting. *Impatiently waits for those games to be released*


OH. Nyaa is up now… *continues to download .torrent files*

PSO2: The story behind the Characters.

Hello and welcome to my second gaming story! (The first one that I made is from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can read about it here, Although I admit that it was such a long time ago and my character’s story there hasn’t really progressed far enough that I can call it a story lol.)

PSO2, Also known as Phantasy Star Online 2, is a MMORPG in Japan that is made by SEGA… … … well other than that, I still don’t know the story in this game because I have yet to start the Story Quests lol!

As a very avid RPG player, I have always created my characters from scratch, starting from their appearance, Name, Personality to their story behind them, I always have carefully created even their backstory before playing a game that they would inhabit. A sort of base for them to mold into and expand from. When I have decided of a name for them, I quickly think of a story that will strengthen their existence in that game, although their history is just for me, I still enjoy making them.

When I’m really into it though, I tend to share it with people in my inner circle, like my best friends, who are also a Character creator like me. But this time, I’ll share it here in my blog.

But when I am still not yet satisfied, I create pages after pages (yes I have a notebook containing their history, but that was ages ago. I personally type them now in notepad or something) of stories related to them or their past.

…So anyways, I’m gonna start the story of my two recent characters that I made (I also admit that they aren’t my first characters in PSO2, but I have spend long hours thinking on how to create them and their stories so deleting the first ones isn’t a big deal): Tyr and Ataraxia.

Note: I created Tyr from reading mythology, mostly Norse. Obviously, his name is derived from a Norse God named Tyr, which is somewhat related to Odin and Thor. Well basically, you can read all about it here and here.


Name: Tyr

Age: None (CASTs doesn’t really age)

Race: CAST (PSO2)

Class: Fi/Hu

Gender: Male

Story: To understand Tyr’s story, you first have to know the history of casts:

Quoted from Giantbomb:

CASTs in Phantasy Star Online

In  the Phantasy Star Online series, CASTs are known as androids. They have HP renewal over time, and the ability to see and use traps, but cannot use Techniques (magic spells). CASTs have high ATP (Attack Power), high DFP (Defense Power) and the highest ATA (Attack Accuracy), making them excellent at melee and ranged classes. They’re magic stat, MST (Technique Power) is permanently zero points.

CASTS in Phantasy Star Universe

                 In the Phantasy Star Universe series, CASTs are originally created by humans for labor, artificially created life forms, CASTs, primarily live on and rule the planet Parum. Because their spiritual abilities are less than that of the other species, they are unskilled with TECHNICs, but they excel with guns due to their precise mechanical abilities. They comprise the majority of the Allied Military Force (AMF), and there are complaints of anti-CAST bias in the AMF.  When infected by the SEED, they can turn hostile and attack friendly forces. They also have the ability to wield huge weapons called “SUV weapons.”

Typical CAST male in PSU.

Historical Background (Phantasy Star Universe)

CASTs were originally created by humans as laborers, but problems arose when sentient CASTs began demanding rights. As a result of their war for independence, a system of CAST supremacy over humans was established. After the CAST supremacy was established, Parum welcomed a period of overwhelming peace, unheard of in the days when the lands were divided by human-controlled governments. Ironically, the “dangers of machine rule” that were touted by human politicians during the war never manifested, and the reality is that the social system was welcomed by the majority of the public who wished only for peace.

They are machines, and hence rationalists. Their strong point is in management, but because of their inflexibility, they are disinterested in the subtleties of human emotion.

Typically, Tyr originated from Parum. But he wasn’t affiliated on the AMF, but rather a test subject in a hidden facility somewhere in that planet of CASTs. A number of CASTs yearned for perfection, saying that it was the most rational thing to do, and in order to do so, they need to understand things that they have yet to grasp on to: photons, biological life, and human emotions. When the war was finally over, or when it was over midway, there was a project named Project: Epsilon, who was founded by a number of sentient CASTs, human scientists and researchers. The purpose of the project was to develop an upgraded CAST similar to Vivienne, whose hardware and system is more powerful than that of the Lou-type CAST, but Epsilon CASTs were to exceed than that of Vivienne’s type regarding analytical and emotional systems. It is said that prior to the development of this new CAST type, Vivienne herself had contributed to the project, but she mysteriously abandoned it after the second stage of development and left for no apparent reason. After she left, the project was continued until the SEED began to emerge again.

The facility was later abandoned all in all, with no personnel left behind, it was infested with SEED and it has no potential recovery of data due to the damage of the facility over time.

After a few decades prior to the event, the facility was later discovered by the AMF, who are searching for resources and ridding their planet of SEED. They restored the area in working condition, but they still have no idea why the place was built and for what purpose.

The AMF, thinking of the facility as an old weapon research facility, they ventured deep into the ruins, unraveling the truth behind the project. After a few levels under the facility, they have reached the lowermost level. There, they discovered five large bio tubes filled with green liquid. The three tubes were broken, the other one is opened, and the other one is closed with some type of CAST inside it.

Below the tube, engraved in it is “PROJECT: 002 TYR”. His form and Rigidness suggests that he is a Male and a CAST, but he is no ordinary CAST. They saw a CAST in the front, but there is something clinging to his back; a Photon-like wing and what seems to be a SEED, or that which resembles it.

At one point, after researching the chamber where TYR was being held, one of the CAST workers accidentally activate the dispersion mechanism of the tube, Activating Tyr.

At first, he was not really responsive at all, but after a few experience by watching the other CASTs talk and write things, he came to grasp their language and started to talk to them a few days later. He was asking what is he doing in that place where the AMF found him. After some frustrating answers, Tyr fled the scope of the AMF and traveled to the first place in his memory: the old facility where Project: Epsilon was being developed.

During his travels, he later met a CAST named Ataraxia. She kind of resembles him, except she was deep red in color and is in league with the AMF. They fought each other, saying that she was secretly pursuing him by the orders of the AMF. Tyr somewhat escapes her, and proceeded with his main objective: to know his past. When he was there, he ventured further deep into the facilities’ core. from there, he learned that he was a test subject in that facility. Knowing that he has no memory of his early days in the place, he decides to leave it all behind and start a new life for him.

After a few years studying the ruins, he stumbled upon a research tablet containing not of project: Epsilon, but of something else, something that would make him start anew of his experience in his life. He traversed the facility once again, passing through secret passages after another.

At the final room where the tablet describes where it would be, he hurriedly recovered the place in working condition, hoping to find the answer he was looking for… He doesn’t exactly know what the machine does, in his perspective, it looks like a gateway leading to somewhere. Although it leads into the wall of the room, it is said (in the tablet) that it would take the person into a new plane, a different galaxy, a different universe altogether.

Stepping into the gate, he was transported into a place he wasn’t familiar with; abundant rainforests, floating lands, volcanic canyons, and ancient ruins altogether fueled his desire for knowledge. After that, he was discovered by ARKS members and was transported back to Ship: Ur. From there, his story is yet to be continued.


Note: I created Ataraxia mostly from my imagination, with little reference. (that little reference is here.)


Name: Ataraxia (real name is [TEST subject 05: ZISA])

Age: None (CASTs doesn’t really age)

Race: CAST (PSO2)

Class: Gu/Ra

Gender: Female

Story: Her Story takes place before Tyr was activated. Apparently, she was also one of the test subjects in the abandoned facility running the Project: Epsilon. She was numbered 5 in the tubes and was named Zisa.

Before the SEED even began to outrun  the facility, she was already activated and left the area in secret, although she doesn’t exactly know where she’ll go.

Days has gone by and she began to think of why she was even experimented on in the first place (she was conscious even before she was “activated”), after contemplating of the thought, she was discovered by AMF CASTs. From there, she was branded as one of them. and was later ordered to pursue a deserter named Tyr.

When she catches up with Tyr, she fought him but was eventually defeated (not to the extent of destruction though). Weakened, she still pursues Tyr into the facility from where she escaped from the beginning. Of course, she was shocked to see the one she is pursuing on go to such a place, is she and Tyr somewhat connected to this place..? She pondered about it, but was irritated of a memory she cannot recognize.

Fragmented memories of someone she doesn’t recognize is being accumulated in her memory, although she cannot understand it, she somehow knows that these vague memories she is having is connected to that place. After a few years secretly protecting and watching Tyr from the shadows (the reason Tyr has not encountered SEED is because of Ataraxia, killing them even before Tyr has taken notice of both the SEED’s and Ataraxia’s presence.

When Tyr is not actively studying the information embedded in the facilities’ data storage bank, she is thinking about her existence and her connection to Tyr and what the displaced memories mean.

When Tyr discovered a different data tablet in one of the ground floors and went to the destination of the certain room he was reading, Ataraxia followed him into the final room. where he repaired and reactivated the machinery that lies within it, Tyr hurriedly activates the modules and the gate was beaming with light. Tyr leaps forward, while she touched the machine. Somehow, the memories became clear to her, why she exists, why Tyr is an important existence to her memories, and why they were both in this area in the first place.

Knowing that she might not be able to come back, she also leaped forward into the unknown chasing down Tyr to explain their reason why they’re  alive in this world, ridding her AMF affiliation behind (later, after the AMF has not heard from her since she left, they considered her to be MIA or KIA). When she woke up, she found herself in a place that she doesn’t recognize, unknown lifeforms inhabit the area, creatures that are called DARKERS appeared out of thin air, and the area itself is floating in the sky, with cube after cube of platform like objects.

Until she was found by ARKS members, she was transported back to Ship: Ur. Her story is yet to be continued.

I need to sleep, but I wont let myself… So…

Yeah, I can’t sleep. My mind won’t let me. This has been going on for several weeks already, and I really can’t get that 8-9 hours of undisturbed sleep… Should I try to force myself to bed and lie there for hours, yet still I can’t get that shut eye. I tried (almost) everything I thought of to get to sleep, from exhausting my body (by doing short but quiet body exercise), Playing rhythm games nonstop (yeah, it is very tiresome even for me, added to the fact that I always play these kinds of games in the most difficult of modes possible), watching movies and anime series until my eyes go heavy, listening to rather slow paced, soothing music or rock metal/electronic/Classical/Dubstep/DnB/Anime, Game OST kinds of music to playing that windows 7 3d chess just so I can force myself to sleep soundly. But in the end, of course is that I only get to sleep for 3-4 hours of intervals, waking up in the middle of the night and finding myself staring at my room ceiling…

After staring for some time (I guess that took around 30-48 minutes), I tried to get that comfortable position where I can sleep again. But I still can’t get myself to sleep…

Thinking that I won’t be able to catch my sleep bug, I turned my PC on and surfed for a bit. I, of course, tried to find a way to get myself to sleep so I Google’d “ways on how to get to sleep” and “what is sleep” keywords.

I found a site that talks about “Lucid Dreaming” and how to do it consciously, but i’m not into that sort of thing so I immediately closed that browser tab (after reading the whole article and procedures on how to have Lucid Dreams lol) and clicked on that youtube video which tells what sleep is.

The host of that talk is Russel Foster, a Neuro Scientist (i think). He tells us what sleep is and how important sleep is to our very well being.

Hmm I think i’m feeling a bit doozy after I wrote (typed lol)  this post… I’ll try to lie down in my bed and get to sleep. Perhaps this time I’ll be slumbering longer…

gameplay: Rise your DIVA to the top! Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f (PsVita)

Hello and welcome to my yet another post on some of the games i am currently playing right now, which is this; Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f for the PsVita!

As you all know (Assuming you have the console/ you have heard of this game), Project DIVA f is a Music Rhythm game for the PsVita, and it is a very great game to play. The controls consists of your basic buttons, the D-Pad, the touchscreen and Back touchscreen panel, Square, Triangle, Circle, and the X button.
2013-10-23-094954 2013-10-23-095045 2013-10-23-095052 2013-10-23-095118


This image above is a song called “Do You Kotonano?!” Vocals by Hatsune Miku.

There are three modes you can play in the Play Menu: (from left to right) Practice mode, Play mode (Songs that are made by SEGA) and EDIT Play mode (Song that are made by other players or by the community). In practice mode, you will play a little tutorial on how to play the game (at least the rhythm game though) and it will play the song called Ievan Polkka, Vocals by Hatsune Miku, of course. Play mode in the middle, is the one that you will play on the most, if you don’t know how to add customized Songs in EDIT Play mode..
2013-10-23-095427 2013-10-23-095437 2013-10-23-095455

This is my overall gameplay stats in this game.


This is the Shopping mode. In this mode, you can buy things that will make you change your chosen Vocaloid’s appearance, Buy furnitures and room themes for them, Food to give them as presents and stuff that can also give to them as presents.

2013-10-23-095531 2013-10-23-095539 2013-10-23-095554 2013-10-23-095610 2013-10-23-095801

This is the main menu of the game. (Play mode, DIVA room, Shop, Edit mode, Augmented Reality, Communication mode, Achievements, and Option.


This is my Miku’s room. Customized on my own tastes of course lol.

2013-10-23-095829 2013-10-23-095901 2013-10-23-095910 2013-10-23-095917 2013-10-23-095931 2013-10-23-095942 2013-10-23-095957 2013-10-23-100014 2013-10-23-100023 2013-10-23-100049 2013-10-23-100113

Some objects have Vocaloid animations if you made your vocaloid interact with it, like instruments and figurines of themselves. these in turn gives you intimacy and experience with the character.

2013-10-23-100224 2013-10-23-100235 2013-10-23-100242 2013-10-23-100307 2013-10-23-100316 2013-10-23-100327 2013-10-23-100441 2013-10-23-100509 2013-10-23-100519 2013-10-23-100534

In interact mode, you can use the touchscreen or back touchscreen panel to touch the front or back of the vocaloid. “Patting” the vocaloid in the forehead creates intimacy and will  eventually level up the character (in my case, my Miku’s intimacy level is almost maxed out in this image).

2013-10-23-100546 2013-10-23-100557 2013-10-23-100603 2013-10-23-100614 2013-10-23-100621 2013-10-23-100630 2013-10-23-100644 2013-10-23-100651 2013-10-23-100658 2013-10-23-100708 2013-10-23-100730 2013-10-23-100749 2013-10-23-100804 2013-10-23-100843 2013-10-23-100923 2013-10-23-100937 2013-10-23-100951 2013-10-23-100959


Oftentimes, you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors with your chosen Vocaloid, called jan-ken-pon in Japan.


2013-10-23-101011 2013-10-23-101018 2013-10-23-101024 2013-10-23-101032 2013-10-23-101039 2013-10-23-101050 2013-10-23-101103 2013-10-23-101113 2013-10-23-101119 2013-10-23-101127 2013-10-23-101138 2013-10-23-101143


When you yourself aren’t doing anything with them, or you are just watching them without pushing buttons and touching the screen, They would do some actions that they want to do. In this case, my Miku is in her bed tapping away in her smart phone.


Her room. (  Ow0)/



As an avid Vocaloid fan and a Music Rhythm Game addict, this game really is worthwhile to play, perfecting all those modes in play mode and getting that highest top score possible in every song. Unlocking stuff is also something to be expected but personally, gameplay is more important than collecting PSN Trophies and stuff like that.


Well of course you will do tons and tons of replays in this game for each and every song and difficulties that you will do, or at least you will all play them until you perfected them.


It’s just awesome. It’s much better than the previous project DIVA 2nd (PS3)  which was like a 3d graphics gone wrong lol (in my own opinion anyways). I’ve heard that the Project DIVA F, which is the ps3 version of this game, has much better graphics than the PsVIta version, but i personally need to confirm this yet..


This is Vocaloids we are discussing about, of course it’s all awesome! These songs in this game are hand-picked by SEGA from the most popular vocaloid songs at the time.

Overall: (Obliv’s personal rating)

small star 4

I Really recommend this game! 🙂



gameplay: All about SOUL SACRIFICE

Ehem.. So I forgot to post this when I finished typing  this out which i just noticed right now, when i looked at my site at the moment after so many days of lazine~ i mean, IRL business… I’m sorry if i posted this a little too late lol~ so here it is:

Well hello again and welcome to one of my gameplay insights! For this post, I’m going to share my thoughts and comments (or just plain criticisms) about a certain game on the PsVita console- The game that revitalized PSV’s gaming community since its release, the epic SOUL SACRIFICE!

2013-06-19-001921 2013-06-19-001938 2013-06-19-001943 2013-06-19-001950 2013-06-19-012006

At first glance, it was not that attractive in its name and genre at all. actually, it’s very common for real-time RPGs to Have such a theme because the very genre itself is very popular to the majority of the community who uses/plays console games.. there are many games that has this RPG theme spark, like the “tales of” series, phantasy star, monster hunter series, and so on. Nonetheless, it has this different kind of spark for its very common genre, and its really one of its best key features the game can give you when you play it the first time.


The first thing I wanna point out is the atmosphere of the game. It really has a very ominous feeling to it and a very dark mystery as to who abducted you into this tiny cage and other things that are shrouded in mystery like who is your partner? why can a book talk? and so on and so forth…

2013-07-03-130003 2013-07-03-130027 2013-07-03-130035 2013-07-03-130051 2013-07-03-130101 2013-07-03-130206

The second one is the game’s somewhat versatility in spell creation/equipping (they are called offerings in the game). At first, it may seem a little bit difficult to kill some bosses when you have just a limited collection of offerings, but when you have amassed an impressive amount of them (while normally playing the game), you’ll appreciate it more and more you spend game time on soul sacrifice.


As for the graphics, its a very detailed game, from the beautiful scenery of different kinds of pacts that you will experience (pacts are like missions that you will take whenever you read the book) to the minute of details and offering effects, SS will definitely make you go wow with all of the very detailed environment and effects that you will fully see.

A game replay wouldn’t be necessary because you can switch between what can you choose to do when you finish a certain task. An example of that is you can either Save or Sacrifice a boss to proceed to the next branching pact, either you Save or Sacrifice determines the pact that you will unlock. And alternate pacts cannot be unlocked at the same time, meaning you have to choose on what you will permanently do with that beginning pact.

2013-06-19-013331  2013-06-20-012450

The music is just spectacular, it really catches the dark, mysterious aura of the game and improves it with the background music. so i really recommend maxing out your volume while playing the game. 😀

To close this post, i should say that this game is really worth playing if you really like a deep yet mysterious story and great gameplay.


2013-07-04-223946    2013-07-04-224039

Obliv’s rating:

small star 4

I Really recommend this game! 🙂

A little spam for my dear followers…


Ahh yes, I tend to be cool headed and mellow almost everyday, but when my personal problems start to accumulate over a while, my glass tends to “spill” some/most water into the table, you know what I mean? Oh of course I know that tomorrow will be a different day and it will be all better somehow… It’s just that I gotta let off some steam, you know? Why am I ANGRY disappointed sad? Well someone near argued to me that i can’t “DO” (let’s just assume that’s a DO) that because it’s bad luck..? “Bad.. Luck..? BAD LUCK..?! I mean, what nonsense are you talking about..? Is it bad for me to keep turtles (let’s set a turtle superstition as an example) because it promotes “slow”/”delayed” progress in life?!” *sigh*

“Everything is based on chance. Believing on superstitions in this day and age, in my opinion, is stupid. The future isn’t determined, and maybe because of that uncertainty, one will hide inside idiotic superstitions believing that when one does not do/stay away from those things, one will be safe from “bad luck” and “ill omens”…But the real truth is, anything can happen tomorrow. You can stump your toe in the edge of the bed, you might get robbed the moment you go out of your house, you might go home safely after a day’s work, you might experience power outage in a few minutes/hours or days, lightning might strike close to your home, you might bump into your best friend unexpectedly and have a little chat/walk with him/her, you might find 500$ on your way home, you might win in a lottery today (if you bought a ticket), you might stumble upon your missing key chain, you might suddenly lose internet connection even when you are having a blast surfing the internet, you might feel like buying candy (or anything you want) after school (assuming one is a student) and so on.. All those MIGHT that you have everyday and you’re still scared of the future, how scared are you?? Being scared of a spider is way more understandable of a reason for being afraid than yours bro…” (-_- ”’)

So I said that to his/her face with an unflinching of an eye and with word for word, coming out of my mouth without very long pauses in them..
…Our argue about superstition might be a little shallow, but i’m the kind of person that can be viewed as a dormant volcano that can easily explode the moment when magma below is quite full, it erupts violently without any hints of its eminent eruption above and spews out hot molten lava outside… And I really DO mean that I had problems (thus accumulating negative emotions inside) in the past few weeks oozing out of me.

I’ll… I’ll shut up now…. I… N-need to watch some anime so as not to think about it anymore… *watches gintama season 4, episode 166*
*just sharing*

…Meanwhile… Back in DA…

Hmm *Cough* yeah uh huh… It’s getting pretty dusty here on my DA page that it’s been 3 months since i last drew something… Okay well i got my hands full in the past few weeks on gaming and i tried to draw on the side but… I always tend to get art blocked so… Ta-da…. My latest OC (Original Character):

Meet Elena. I had an idea last night and i really had to draw her today… Of course this is NOT her final design. I’ll modify her when i’m not that lazy

You guys can also look up my DA profile by clicking this here Link.

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