[PSO2 JP] SEA IP blocking

Well i only attempted this now because i was playing in the SEA server last night, but then they DC’ed me out of the game for reasons unknown (i suspect Dark Falz is the culprit here). It seems that the two servers are having a problem and are currently fixing it right now. So, i decided to play in the jp server later using a vpn. Two-Three months ago, the JP servers got DDOS’d. A week after that, they fixed the problem. But that’s not all though, they are now blocking certain IPs from certain countries, i even heard that some western IPs are also blocked at some point. The major letdown on this for me is that they blocked all SEA ip from the server… So now I tried to update my tweaker. A few minutes later-



Dammit, i should’ve known my pso2 client was so outdated.. I wasn’t really expecting 3.55gb for an update… (sigh) And that’s still not the main problem for me right now. The real pickle is that after i download this, can i bypass the sea ip blocking? I’ve heard from certain people from the sea server that some vpn doesn’t work for pso2jp anymore.. *shudders* Well i hope that’s not the case for the vpn i use, lol. PSO2 is the online game i am currently playing. In fact, i haven’t played my other online games since God knows when. World of Tanks SEA haven’t got much attention from me other than a few hours one day and then i went straight back into pso2.


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