PSO2: The story behind the Characters.

Hello and welcome to my second gaming story! (The first one that I made is from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can read about it here, Although I admit that it was such a long time ago and my character’s story there hasn’t really progressed far enough that I can call it a story lol.)

PSO2, Also known as Phantasy Star Online 2, is a MMORPG in Japan that is made by SEGA… … … well other than that, I still don’t know the story in this game because I have yet to start the Story Quests lol!

As a very avid RPG player, I have always created my characters from scratch, starting from their appearance, Name, Personality to their story behind them, I always have carefully created even their backstory before playing a game that they would inhabit. A sort of base for them to mold into and expand from. When I have decided of a name for them, I quickly think of a story that will strengthen their existence in that game, although their history is just for me, I still enjoy making them.

When I’m really into it though, I tend to share it with people in my inner circle, like my best friends, who are also a Character creator like me. But this time, I’ll share it here in my blog.

But when I am still not yet satisfied, I create pages after pages (yes I have a notebook containing their history, but that was ages ago. I personally type them now in notepad or something) of stories related to them or their past.

…So anyways, I’m gonna start the story of my two recent characters that I made (I also admit that they aren’t my first characters in PSO2, but I have spend long hours thinking on how to create them and their stories so deleting the first ones isn’t a big deal): Tyr and Ataraxia.

Note: I created Tyr from reading mythology, mostly Norse. Obviously, his name is derived from a Norse God named Tyr, which is somewhat related to Odin and Thor. Well basically, you can read all about it here and here.


Name: Tyr

Age: None (CASTs doesn’t really age)

Race: CAST (PSO2)

Class: Fi/Hu

Gender: Male

Story: To understand Tyr’s story, you first have to know the history of casts:

Quoted from Giantbomb:

CASTs in Phantasy Star Online

In  the Phantasy Star Online series, CASTs are known as androids. They have HP renewal over time, and the ability to see and use traps, but cannot use Techniques (magic spells). CASTs have high ATP (Attack Power), high DFP (Defense Power) and the highest ATA (Attack Accuracy), making them excellent at melee and ranged classes. They’re magic stat, MST (Technique Power) is permanently zero points.

CASTS in Phantasy Star Universe

                 In the Phantasy Star Universe series, CASTs are originally created by humans for labor, artificially created life forms, CASTs, primarily live on and rule the planet Parum. Because their spiritual abilities are less than that of the other species, they are unskilled with TECHNICs, but they excel with guns due to their precise mechanical abilities. They comprise the majority of the Allied Military Force (AMF), and there are complaints of anti-CAST bias in the AMF.  When infected by the SEED, they can turn hostile and attack friendly forces. They also have the ability to wield huge weapons called “SUV weapons.”

Typical CAST male in PSU.

Historical Background (Phantasy Star Universe)

CASTs were originally created by humans as laborers, but problems arose when sentient CASTs began demanding rights. As a result of their war for independence, a system of CAST supremacy over humans was established. After the CAST supremacy was established, Parum welcomed a period of overwhelming peace, unheard of in the days when the lands were divided by human-controlled governments. Ironically, the “dangers of machine rule” that were touted by human politicians during the war never manifested, and the reality is that the social system was welcomed by the majority of the public who wished only for peace.

They are machines, and hence rationalists. Their strong point is in management, but because of their inflexibility, they are disinterested in the subtleties of human emotion.

Typically, Tyr originated from Parum. But he wasn’t affiliated on the AMF, but rather a test subject in a hidden facility somewhere in that planet of CASTs. A number of CASTs yearned for perfection, saying that it was the most rational thing to do, and in order to do so, they need to understand things that they have yet to grasp on to: photons, biological life, and human emotions. When the war was finally over, or when it was over midway, there was a project named Project: Epsilon, who was founded by a number of sentient CASTs, human scientists and researchers. The purpose of the project was to develop an upgraded CAST similar to Vivienne, whose hardware and system is more powerful than that of the Lou-type CAST, but Epsilon CASTs were to exceed than that of Vivienne’s type regarding analytical and emotional systems. It is said that prior to the development of this new CAST type, Vivienne herself had contributed to the project, but she mysteriously abandoned it after the second stage of development and left for no apparent reason. After she left, the project was continued until the SEED began to emerge again.

The facility was later abandoned all in all, with no personnel left behind, it was infested with SEED and it has no potential recovery of data due to the damage of the facility over time.

After a few decades prior to the event, the facility was later discovered by the AMF, who are searching for resources and ridding their planet of SEED. They restored the area in working condition, but they still have no idea why the place was built and for what purpose.

The AMF, thinking of the facility as an old weapon research facility, they ventured deep into the ruins, unraveling the truth behind the project. After a few levels under the facility, they have reached the lowermost level. There, they discovered five large bio tubes filled with green liquid. The three tubes were broken, the other one is opened, and the other one is closed with some type of CAST inside it.

Below the tube, engraved in it is “PROJECT: 002 TYR”. His form and Rigidness suggests that he is a Male and a CAST, but he is no ordinary CAST. They saw a CAST in the front, but there is something clinging to his back; a Photon-like wing and what seems to be a SEED, or that which resembles it.

At one point, after researching the chamber where TYR was being held, one of the CAST workers accidentally activate the dispersion mechanism of the tube, Activating Tyr.

At first, he was not really responsive at all, but after a few experience by watching the other CASTs talk and write things, he came to grasp their language and started to talk to them a few days later. He was asking what is he doing in that place where the AMF found him. After some frustrating answers, Tyr fled the scope of the AMF and traveled to the first place in his memory: the old facility where Project: Epsilon was being developed.

During his travels, he later met a CAST named Ataraxia. She kind of resembles him, except she was deep red in color and is in league with the AMF. They fought each other, saying that she was secretly pursuing him by the orders of the AMF. Tyr somewhat escapes her, and proceeded with his main objective: to know his past. When he was there, he ventured further deep into the facilities’ core. from there, he learned that he was a test subject in that facility. Knowing that he has no memory of his early days in the place, he decides to leave it all behind and start a new life for him.

After a few years studying the ruins, he stumbled upon a research tablet containing not of project: Epsilon, but of something else, something that would make him start anew of his experience in his life. He traversed the facility once again, passing through secret passages after another.

At the final room where the tablet describes where it would be, he hurriedly recovered the place in working condition, hoping to find the answer he was looking for… He doesn’t exactly know what the machine does, in his perspective, it looks like a gateway leading to somewhere. Although it leads into the wall of the room, it is said (in the tablet) that it would take the person into a new plane, a different galaxy, a different universe altogether.

Stepping into the gate, he was transported into a place he wasn’t familiar with; abundant rainforests, floating lands, volcanic canyons, and ancient ruins altogether fueled his desire for knowledge. After that, he was discovered by ARKS members and was transported back to Ship: Ur. From there, his story is yet to be continued.


Note: I created Ataraxia mostly from my imagination, with little reference. (that little reference is here.)


Name: Ataraxia (real name is [TEST subject 05: ZISA])

Age: None (CASTs doesn’t really age)

Race: CAST (PSO2)

Class: Gu/Ra

Gender: Female

Story: Her Story takes place before Tyr was activated. Apparently, she was also one of the test subjects in the abandoned facility running the Project: Epsilon. She was numbered 5 in the tubes and was named Zisa.

Before the SEED even began to outrun  the facility, she was already activated and left the area in secret, although she doesn’t exactly know where she’ll go.

Days has gone by and she began to think of why she was even experimented on in the first place (she was conscious even before she was “activated”), after contemplating of the thought, she was discovered by AMF CASTs. From there, she was branded as one of them. and was later ordered to pursue a deserter named Tyr.

When she catches up with Tyr, she fought him but was eventually defeated (not to the extent of destruction though). Weakened, she still pursues Tyr into the facility from where she escaped from the beginning. Of course, she was shocked to see the one she is pursuing on go to such a place, is she and Tyr somewhat connected to this place..? She pondered about it, but was irritated of a memory she cannot recognize.

Fragmented memories of someone she doesn’t recognize is being accumulated in her memory, although she cannot understand it, she somehow knows that these vague memories she is having is connected to that place. After a few years secretly protecting and watching Tyr from the shadows (the reason Tyr has not encountered SEED is because of Ataraxia, killing them even before Tyr has taken notice of both the SEED’s and Ataraxia’s presence.

When Tyr is not actively studying the information embedded in the facilities’ data storage bank, she is thinking about her existence and her connection to Tyr and what the displaced memories mean.

When Tyr discovered a different data tablet in one of the ground floors and went to the destination of the certain room he was reading, Ataraxia followed him into the final room. where he repaired and reactivated the machinery that lies within it, Tyr hurriedly activates the modules and the gate was beaming with light. Tyr leaps forward, while she touched the machine. Somehow, the memories became clear to her, why she exists, why Tyr is an important existence to her memories, and why they were both in this area in the first place.

Knowing that she might not be able to come back, she also leaped forward into the unknown chasing down Tyr to explain their reason why they’re  alive in this world, ridding her AMF affiliation behind (later, after the AMF has not heard from her since she left, they considered her to be MIA or KIA). When she woke up, she found herself in a place that she doesn’t recognize, unknown lifeforms inhabit the area, creatures that are called DARKERS appeared out of thin air, and the area itself is floating in the sky, with cube after cube of platform like objects.

Until she was found by ARKS members, she was transported back to Ship: Ur. Her story is yet to be continued.

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