I need to sleep, but I wont let myself… So…

Yeah, I can’t sleep. My mind won’t let me. This has been going on for several weeks already, and I really can’t get that 8-9 hours of undisturbed sleep… Should I try to force myself to bed and lie there for hours, yet still I can’t get that shut eye. I tried (almost) everything I thought of to get to sleep, from exhausting my body (by doing short but quiet body exercise), Playing rhythm games nonstop (yeah, it is very tiresome even for me, added to the fact that I always play these kinds of games in the most difficult of modes possible), watching movies and anime series until my eyes go heavy, listening to rather slow paced, soothing music or rock metal/electronic/Classical/Dubstep/DnB/Anime, Game OST kinds of music to playing that windows 7 3d chess just so I can force myself to sleep soundly. But in the end, of course is that I only get to sleep for 3-4 hours of intervals, waking up in the middle of the night and finding myself staring at my room ceiling…

After staring for some time (I guess that took around 30-48 minutes), I tried to get that comfortable position where I can sleep again. But I still can’t get myself to sleep…

Thinking that I won’t be able to catch my sleep bug, I turned my PC on and surfed for a bit. I, of course, tried to find a way to get myself to sleep so I Google’d “ways on how to get to sleep” and “what is sleep” keywords.

I found a site that talks about “Lucid Dreaming” and how to do it consciously, but i’m not into that sort of thing so I immediately closed that browser tab (after reading the whole article and procedures on how to have Lucid Dreams lol) and clicked on that youtube video which tells what sleep is.

The host of that talk is Russel Foster, a Neuro Scientist (i think). He tells us what sleep is and how important sleep is to our very well being.

Hmm I think i’m feeling a bit doozy after I wrote (typed lol)  this post… I’ll try to lie down in my bed and get to sleep. Perhaps this time I’ll be slumbering longer…

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