gameplay: Rise your DIVA to the top! Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f (PsVita)

Hello and welcome to my yet another post on some of the games i am currently playing right now, which is this; Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f for the PsVita!

As you all know (Assuming you have the console/ you have heard of this game), Project DIVA f is a Music Rhythm game for the PsVita, and it is a very great game to play. The controls consists of your basic buttons, the D-Pad, the touchscreen and Back touchscreen panel, Square, Triangle, Circle, and the X button.
2013-10-23-094954 2013-10-23-095045 2013-10-23-095052 2013-10-23-095118


This image above is a song called “Do You Kotonano?!” Vocals by Hatsune Miku.

There are three modes you can play in the Play Menu: (from left to right) Practice mode, Play mode (Songs that are made by SEGA) and EDIT Play mode (Song that are made by other players or by the community). In practice mode, you will play a little tutorial on how to play the game (at least the rhythm game though) and it will play the song called Ievan Polkka, Vocals by Hatsune Miku, of course. Play mode in the middle, is the one that you will play on the most, if you don’t know how to add customized Songs in EDIT Play mode..
2013-10-23-095427 2013-10-23-095437 2013-10-23-095455

This is my overall gameplay stats in this game.


This is the Shopping mode. In this mode, you can buy things that will make you change your chosen Vocaloid’s appearance, Buy furnitures and room themes for them, Food to give them as presents and stuff that can also give to them as presents.

2013-10-23-095531 2013-10-23-095539 2013-10-23-095554 2013-10-23-095610 2013-10-23-095801

This is the main menu of the game. (Play mode, DIVA room, Shop, Edit mode, Augmented Reality, Communication mode, Achievements, and Option.


This is my Miku’s room. Customized on my own tastes of course lol.

2013-10-23-095829 2013-10-23-095901 2013-10-23-095910 2013-10-23-095917 2013-10-23-095931 2013-10-23-095942 2013-10-23-095957 2013-10-23-100014 2013-10-23-100023 2013-10-23-100049 2013-10-23-100113

Some objects have Vocaloid animations if you made your vocaloid interact with it, like instruments and figurines of themselves. these in turn gives you intimacy and experience with the character.

2013-10-23-100224 2013-10-23-100235 2013-10-23-100242 2013-10-23-100307 2013-10-23-100316 2013-10-23-100327 2013-10-23-100441 2013-10-23-100509 2013-10-23-100519 2013-10-23-100534

In interact mode, you can use the touchscreen or back touchscreen panel to touch the front or back of the vocaloid. “Patting” the vocaloid in the forehead creates intimacy and will  eventually level up the character (in my case, my Miku’s intimacy level is almost maxed out in this image).

2013-10-23-100546 2013-10-23-100557 2013-10-23-100603 2013-10-23-100614 2013-10-23-100621 2013-10-23-100630 2013-10-23-100644 2013-10-23-100651 2013-10-23-100658 2013-10-23-100708 2013-10-23-100730 2013-10-23-100749 2013-10-23-100804 2013-10-23-100843 2013-10-23-100923 2013-10-23-100937 2013-10-23-100951 2013-10-23-100959


Oftentimes, you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors with your chosen Vocaloid, called jan-ken-pon in Japan.


2013-10-23-101011 2013-10-23-101018 2013-10-23-101024 2013-10-23-101032 2013-10-23-101039 2013-10-23-101050 2013-10-23-101103 2013-10-23-101113 2013-10-23-101119 2013-10-23-101127 2013-10-23-101138 2013-10-23-101143


When you yourself aren’t doing anything with them, or you are just watching them without pushing buttons and touching the screen, They would do some actions that they want to do. In this case, my Miku is in her bed tapping away in her smart phone.


Her room. (  Ow0)/



As an avid Vocaloid fan and a Music Rhythm Game addict, this game really is worthwhile to play, perfecting all those modes in play mode and getting that highest top score possible in every song. Unlocking stuff is also something to be expected but personally, gameplay is more important than collecting PSN Trophies and stuff like that.


Well of course you will do tons and tons of replays in this game for each and every song and difficulties that you will do, or at least you will all play them until you perfected them.


It’s just awesome. It’s much better than the previous project DIVA 2nd (PS3)  which was like a 3d graphics gone wrong lol (in my own opinion anyways). I’ve heard that the Project DIVA F, which is the ps3 version of this game, has much better graphics than the PsVIta version, but i personally need to confirm this yet..


This is Vocaloids we are discussing about, of course it’s all awesome! These songs in this game are hand-picked by SEGA from the most popular vocaloid songs at the time.

Overall: (Obliv’s personal rating)

small star 4

I Really recommend this game! 🙂




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