gameplay: All about SOUL SACRIFICE

Ehem.. So I forgot to post this when I finished typing  this out which i just noticed right now, when i looked at my site at the moment after so many days of lazine~ i mean, IRL business… I’m sorry if i posted this a little too late lol~ so here it is:

Well hello again and welcome to one of my gameplay insights! For this post, I’m going to share my thoughts and comments (or just plain criticisms) about a certain game on the PsVita console- The game that revitalized PSV’s gaming community since its release, the epic SOUL SACRIFICE!

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At first glance, it was not that attractive in its name and genre at all. actually, it’s very common for real-time RPGs to Have such a theme because the very genre itself is very popular to the majority of the community who uses/plays console games.. there are many games that has this RPG theme spark, like the “tales of” series, phantasy star, monster hunter series, and so on. Nonetheless, it has this different kind of spark for its very common genre, and its really one of its best key features the game can give you when you play it the first time.


The first thing I wanna point out is the atmosphere of the game. It really has a very ominous feeling to it and a very dark mystery as to who abducted you into this tiny cage and other things that are shrouded in mystery like who is your partner? why can a book talk? and so on and so forth…

2013-07-03-130003 2013-07-03-130027 2013-07-03-130035 2013-07-03-130051 2013-07-03-130101 2013-07-03-130206

The second one is the game’s somewhat versatility in spell creation/equipping (they are called offerings in the game). At first, it may seem a little bit difficult to kill some bosses when you have just a limited collection of offerings, but when you have amassed an impressive amount of them (while normally playing the game), you’ll appreciate it more and more you spend game time on soul sacrifice.


As for the graphics, its a very detailed game, from the beautiful scenery of different kinds of pacts that you will experience (pacts are like missions that you will take whenever you read the book) to the minute of details and offering effects, SS will definitely make you go wow with all of the very detailed environment and effects that you will fully see.

A game replay wouldn’t be necessary because you can switch between what can you choose to do when you finish a certain task. An example of that is you can either Save or Sacrifice a boss to proceed to the next branching pact, either you Save or Sacrifice determines the pact that you will unlock. And alternate pacts cannot be unlocked at the same time, meaning you have to choose on what you will permanently do with that beginning pact.

2013-06-19-013331  2013-06-20-012450

The music is just spectacular, it really catches the dark, mysterious aura of the game and improves it with the background music. so i really recommend maxing out your volume while playing the game. 😀

To close this post, i should say that this game is really worth playing if you really like a deep yet mysterious story and great gameplay.


2013-07-04-223946    2013-07-04-224039

Obliv’s rating:

small star 4

I Really recommend this game! 🙂


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