A little spam for my dear followers…


Ahh yes, I tend to be cool headed and mellow almost everyday, but when my personal problems start to accumulate over a while, my glass tends to “spill” some/most water into the table, you know what I mean? Oh of course I know that tomorrow will be a different day and it will be all better somehow… It’s just that I gotta let off some steam, you know? Why am I ANGRY disappointed sad? Well someone near argued to me that i can’t “DO” (let’s just assume that’s a DO) that because it’s bad luck..? “Bad.. Luck..? BAD LUCK..?! I mean, what nonsense are you talking about..? Is it bad for me to keep turtles (let’s set a turtle superstition as an example) because it promotes “slow”/”delayed” progress in life?!” *sigh*

“Everything is based on chance. Believing on superstitions in this day and age, in my opinion, is stupid. The future isn’t determined, and maybe because of that uncertainty, one will hide inside idiotic superstitions believing that when one does not do/stay away from those things, one will be safe from “bad luck” and “ill omens”…But the real truth is, anything can happen tomorrow. You can stump your toe in the edge of the bed, you might get robbed the moment you go out of your house, you might go home safely after a day’s work, you might experience power outage in a few minutes/hours or days, lightning might strike close to your home, you might bump into your best friend unexpectedly and have a little chat/walk with him/her, you might find 500$ on your way home, you might win in a lottery today (if you bought a ticket), you might stumble upon your missing key chain, you might suddenly lose internet connection even when you are having a blast surfing the internet, you might feel like buying candy (or anything you want) after school (assuming one is a student) and so on.. All those MIGHT that you have everyday and you’re still scared of the future, how scared are you?? Being scared of a spider is way more understandable of a reason for being afraid than yours bro…” (-_- ”’)

So I said that to his/her face with an unflinching of an eye and with word for word, coming out of my mouth without very long pauses in them..
…Our argue about superstition might be a little shallow, but i’m the kind of person that can be viewed as a dormant volcano that can easily explode the moment when magma below is quite full, it erupts violently without any hints of its eminent eruption above and spews out hot molten lava outside… And I really DO mean that I had problems (thus accumulating negative emotions inside) in the past few weeks oozing out of me.

I’ll… I’ll shut up now…. I… N-need to watch some anime so as not to think about it anymore… *watches gintama season 4, episode 166*
*just sharing*


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