Hello… Again…

Yo, it’s been a while. I still got the time to update this site of course, but I always tend to play with my PsVita or my other consoles/games… In which case, I will post some interesting things when I have the time or effort to go here lol. Well anyways, I came here because I feel like sharing what the heck am I doing right now outside of this blog of mine… First, I stumbled upon my World Of Tanks Spirit and jumped inside my Comet’s hatch again for some good fight. and the second reason is that I ALSO got the Urge to play OSU!Mania for some Beatmap Editing and practice. The third reason is that I kind of took a long break at my project due to sarcasm procrastination and so many art blocks that smacked into my head almost everyday… But don’t you guys worry! I’ll be coming back to work and updating when i have the balls guts to draw/digi-paint again ^^

In the meantime, why don’t you guys have a look at my crappy awesome artworks! Here’s the link to my DA Page!

I would also recommend that you guys could take a look at my Youtube channel and watch some things… My uploaded videos might take away some of that boredom of yours, well who knows until you try… Right..?

Goodbye for now… đŸ˜€


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