Game Review: Airrivals

Also known as Space Cowboys Online or Ace online.

well i am still pretty much busy with my games so i might not continue my VN projects (as i have told you guys in my last post)
so, let me kill some of your time reading this post regarding my game experience in a game called Airrivals! \o/
at first glance, you wouldn’t even know the “weight” of the game just by someone telling you about it, but
i can assure you guys right now that the game has its perks and it might even make you play it in a very long time.

log-in launcher

first, let’s talk about the main aim of the game; this is a sci-fi, 3D action filled MMORPG that takes you to the skies and
make you fight your way in any direction, whether it is north, south, east, west, above or below, you’ll get a thrilling experience playing the game!
you pilot your own type of aircraft, called a GEAR, which has 4 different kinds.





you can be a mobile turret that can make enemies burst into flames using high-speed AA weapons (A GEAR), you can bombard your enemies, doing OHKO (one-hit KO) without them noticing (B GEAR), you can be a tanker and a support type that can call allies and give them buffs that can really annoy your adversaries (M GEAR), or you can be the fastest, jack of all trades pilot that can evade all enemy attacks (I GEAR).

should i explain the specifications, pros and cons of each gear? nah, i won’t! there are different types of builds in every gear, and i’m not yet very familiar with all of them but the I GEAR (which i use, of course), so you have to find out for yourself~
well okay.. okay… do you wanna know what those B, M, A, I mean? B means Brandy Burg, M means Meadow Burgle, A means Anima Mortar and I means Idle Sniper.

the leveling system here is just the same way as your normal lvl-up game is; YOU will distribute the stat points of your gear, and each level up grants one stat point. every gear has a different stat point (ATTACK, SHIELD, DEFENSE, AGILITY, FUEL and SPIRIT) distribution every time you add a point to it.

Attack is responsible for your damage, probability, and pierce. Defense is for, obviously defense of the gear, the more you have it, the more susceptible you are from attacks (it is by percentage). Agility is for your evasive capabilities of your gear, which is how often you can dodge attacks that hit you (by percentage). Fuel is your gear’s flight duration in mid-air and your weight. Spirit is for your spirit points, which you consume every time you barrel roll (dodge attacks) and use skills. And the last one is shield, which adds your shield (i’ll explain this stat later).
the I gear adds 4 to attack and agility, 3 to fuel and spirit, and 2 for shield and defense. the A gear adds 4 to attack and shield, 3 to defense, spirit and fuel, and 2 to agility. the M gear adds 4 to defense and spirit, 3 to shield and fuel, and 2 to attack and agility. And last but not the least, the B gear adds 3 to all stats, making it the most balanced gear in terms of adding stats.

in this game, there are two types of hit points, Energy and Shield. Energy is the main hit point that you have. when it gets damaged, you lose some speed and you become easier to chase. shield on the other hand (as the name implies), shields you from damage until it turns zero. you won’t lose speed while taking damage if you still have shield. Thus there are three types of healing items, one for Energy, Shield and Spirit. Spirit is important in this game because you can’t barrel roll and use skills without it. there is also a healing item for fuel, but it really isn’t important because you can resupply it and is pretty cheap.

SPI is the in-game currency. you use it to buy stuff that is trade-able (well of course LOL).
of course there’s credits which you use to buy exclusive items that you can only get at the game’s online credit shop (credits can be earned buy buying it with real money).
credits isn’t important in getting stronger, but it really helps when you use it.

the level cap of the game is lvl 120 i think, but i’m sure that no one hasn’t reached that level yet :<
gaining experience to level up here is slow in the later levels (lvl 88 onwards), but it’s a breeze when you’re still below 88…

in the latest patch of the game, you can get your hands on credit items on each level up as a reward and you have Grind Maps (maps that you go if you want to gain lvl up fast due to easy to kill mobs that gives large amounts of experience)
to go.

there are also two types of warring nation in the game, ANI which stands for Anti Nationalism Influence United


and BCU, Bygeniou City United. there are no good and bad nation here in regards to the story of the game, and you will choose which side you are on and fight for your nation.

wars are broken down into several types, SP (strategic point, where you destroy or defend the sp in a randomly chosen map until it is destroyed or time runs out, that is 1 hour),

Advanced Base, Coronado Castle - interior with friends

Advance base wars (like ragnarok online, you defend or attack a brigade’s advance base), MS (mothership war, every nation’s maps spawn SPs and then the mothership of that nation goes up and you have to defend or attack said mothership. HORUS for ANI, ANUBIS for BCU)
leveling up is just the foot of the game, you will get the awesome feeling when you go to War with you nation.


equipment is the most important and the main reason as to why you want to spend more time playing the game. without it, you won’t last long in wars, and they are for bragging purposes (no really, equips are so important that you have to have the specs of each equipment you have better than the rest, meaning you have to upgrade them to the point of nearly breaking it and spending hundreds of millions of SPI (depends on your luck, really) just for 1 equipment to be great).

but really, don’t be discouraged of what i’ve said (or typed) earlier, you can still enjoy the game just by playing it, be friendly to other players, help others and don’t forget to have fun!

Here! these are some screenshots of the main UI, environment and some unexplained mechanics of the game:








happy hunting! oh yeah, and go to this link (recruitment link lol) if you want to register an account, download and play! 😛


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