Playthrough: Dragon City (Facebook App)

(please note that when i say “Playthrough”, it doesn’t mean that i finished the game, but i just played some parts of it and i might continue playing such a game instead.)

So i’m done playing my games on my vita and some games in my computer (fallout 3, Skyrim, Osu and WoT), now i’m off to my projects! …Ugh.. Or not.. 😀

Well well well! take a look at what we have here! This facebook application seems interesting, don’t you think? So i’ve been playing this game for 3 days now and it really is pretty addictive…

Dragon City, developed by SocialPoint, is a facebook application that focuses on breeding different kinds of dragons to get a new one! Awesome isn’t it? the only downside of this game is just that the food is scarce and you have to get it from the farm every 30 seconds, 5 or 30 minutes, depending on what crop did you plant, which is such a hassle to do…
(and believe me, it really takes quite a while to get all of your 10 or so dragons to level 7… )

Time-consuming as it is, it is still pretty enjoyable with the battles and tournaments, you don’t have time to get bored! Personally, i just like the idea that i can breed any type of dragon for a chance to get two different combined types. To put it simply, if you breed a lvl 4 fire dragon to a lvl 4 plant dragon, you can get a Firebird OR a uhh… Spicy dragon (a dragon that looks like a hot chili pepper thingy with hands, eyes, feet and wings…)
some dragon looks terrible, i admit.. But some of them is good enough!

dc1 whole world

And this here is the main map or breeding ground for you to play with… you can expand your area by using in-game money which is gold to have more space to put Environments or buildings for your dragons. I’m still quite unsure as to what is the 4th island’s purpose, but i think that isn’t important right now, right? Moving on…

Fire DragonAhh.. now this is a lvl 7 Fire dragon, the 2nd dragon that you can get in the start of your adventures.

Electric Dragon

If you ever want to see all of your dragon breeds, you can go to the icon that looks like a book and it contains all of your dragon’s information. This one is a electric dragon… hmm well i got some kind of pokemon feeling on this one.. well nevermind! lol


This is DEUS (zzzz… nah, it’s Deus! you’ve read it wrong! 🙂  ) , the one that will guide you to be a great dragon breeder. This is a list of Objectives or Goals that you can do and earn Gold, Money or even Gems (Gems are exclusive currency that you can use to speed up building, food growth, pretty much anything you can do and buy is from using gems too!).

To end this post, i will give some screenshots of one of my favorite dragons: the Paladin Dragon! He’s Mighty, he’s all about those epic tales, he’s… well.. a dragon who wears paladin-like armor…. but who cares?! He is still awesome in my view!

Paladin Dragon

Paladin Dragon

Paladin Dragon

Paladin DragonOuch, that rat has been disintegrated… poor thing.. well if i am scared of yanderes, paladin dragon is afraid of rodents…. quite an amazing personality combination, don’t ‘ya think? XD

If you ever want guides on how to play and breed dragons right, look at this Link okay?


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