I think I might postpone all of my current projects (for now) for me to have enough time to play some games… it’s not really relevant to OELVNs so you can also say that this post is just spam. I’m pretty busy with my new PsVita and it may take some time for me to get back on to my projects… so far i only bought two games that I will spend my time most, and they are Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f and DJMAX Technika TUNE. Technika TUNE is great because I don’t need to go to the arcade and play this (well FYI if you didn’t know, the game also has an arcade version, larger screen, online crew capability, online ranking, etc)! Diva f on the other hand, is great but the only reason that I bought the game is because of curiosity, I just gotta try that AR (augmented reality) of theirs… And I can’t resist buying the game because of the urge to know and “feel” AR for myself. So there you have it, laziness to continue the project strikes yet again and winning… I’ll be back when i’m done with these.

Some in-game screenshots worth looking at:

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f –

DJ MAX Technika: TUNE –

World Of Tanks S.E.A. –


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