Testing the post…



Yatta! I fixed my homepage!! >.<

Free rootbeer for everyone! 😀

… just come to my house and we’ll celebrate >.O

anyways, that’s all for now.. i gotta do my thesis… gotta stop

fooling around for now XD


OKAY! I’ve been doing some research in my free time (which is, a few hours ago…) and i’ve been fixing my site here. I also finished customizing the other tabs and removing some comment bars. after those things have settled in my tabs and i think the page format is alright (for now?). But there’s still one thing bothering me… 

i want to make my home page comment tab disabled and adding “pages” to each post. This page will be a test run to see how it turns out.

(KA CHING!) I got an idea, but it isn’t good. OTL.. if there’s no automatic way to initialize pages to my homepage, i think i might manually do it.. and that will kill me some time. (And i don’t want that.) hmm i might as well try it. i have no other options either way lol.

…____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (After a few minutes, testing the homepage idea thingy…)

Ugh.. it failed… oh well. might as well ask google.. :

………oh, tagging posts on pages, i see… uh huh… download this and download that plug-in.. wait, how can i install plug-in on my site..? Okay sure, i have a filezilla, and i know how to use it and the FTP and stuff. but it won’t work for some reason… no response from server.. always like that, and if i change the settings to SFTP and port to 80, it works alright, awaiting welcome bla bla bla something about entering the server… my transfer settings is at Passive. IT STILL DOESN’T WORK!

Status: Selected port usually in use by a different protocol.

Status: Connecting to fureeweargaming.wordpress.com:80…

Response: fzSftp started

Command: open “johanhirang@fureeweargaming.wordpress.com” 80

Error: Connection timed out

Error: Could not connect to server



…. i dunno what to do anymore.. *yaoming sad*……………………

SO! imma gonna go now and drink rootbeer… *gets rootbeer from fridge and disappears like sasuke uchiha*


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